Babur Home Delivery – Brockley

Finding a good Indian takeaway can be something of a challenge, and finding one that has enough respect for vegetarian food not to just churn out dishes consisting of overly spiced onion gravy and frozen mixed vegetables is even harder. This is especially frustrating considering how India itself is such a vegetarian country, but when you can easily please the shitmunchers with vats of Chicken Tikka Masala, why bother?

Over in Shepherd’s Bush, I had been happily ordering both meat and vegetable dishes from the wonderful Rajput, but since moving back to Brockley last March, I have found myself in a bit of a takeaway curry desert. Until last Friday.

Richard who runs one of my favourite Brockley haunts Jam Circus, claimed that Babur was perhaps the best Indian in London, so myself and the bearded one gave their delivery service a try. Having given up meat for January (more on that later), we ordered a selection of vegetable side dishes, and I was pleased to see Babur’s menu venturing further than just saag aloo and cauliflower bhaji (although I was happy that these simple favourites still on the menu).

Alongside a simple spinach and mushroom dish, which was garlickey enough to knock out vampires from 20 metres away (entirely in a good way), we feasted on paneer jalfrezi, which included plentiful green chillis, but remained just the right side of hot to allow the flavours of the sweet onion and sour green pepper to power through, and a rich, cinnamon tinged roasted pumpkin curry, flecked with nutty black onion seeds.

Since you can easily save the leftovers, I always get carried away when ordering takeaway and threw in Green Bean Fogarth, a rich, dark and spicy coconut curry with crunchy, fresh green beans, which was hot and delicious, as well as a portion of Mysore Chilli Prawns. This cold dish of prawns, green chilli and red onions, in a light yoghurt dressing added a cool, fresh element to the whole meal, and countered all the hot curry dishes perfectly.

The quality of the food was high, and the dishes spiced with enough balance to be able to pack a good punch of heat, without burning out the other flavours. I intended to take pictures, but neither sitting in the foil takeaway containers, nor piled together on my plate did the dishes justice, so you’ll have to take my word for how good they were.

As we were ordering in, I decided I may as well make my own rice, but I was pleased to see that Babur’s pilau rice contains real saffron, and that rice with shredded coconut was available.

The home delivery menu, while extensive, features less complex dishes than those at the restaurant, which I will look forward to trying out as soon as my meat ban has been lifted.

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