Browns of Brockley Vegetable Box

I have been known to consider signing up for a vegetable box as a barometer for deciding your eligibility to live in Clapham, and always eschewed their apparent novelty. I have also been known to completely go back on my word when I have taken the time to look below the surface, and as such, when I saw that Browns of Brockley, a great, friendly local deli, had started offering one, I was lured in, and pleasantly surprised by what I found.

As someone who buys a lot of fresh vegetables, but spends too much of Saturday/Sunday morning lounging around listening to Radio 6 to get to a farmers market in good time, having somebody track down and deliver the vegetables for me seems like a pretty good idea. No hassle, no mouldy broccoli from Sainsbury’s NXG (AKA Hell). Win.

At £10, for an ample box of vegetables, sourced from a farm mere miles away in Kent, it seemed like a bit of a bargain too. Abel and Cole’s basic box, which seemed far more basic than Browns’ offering comes in at £13.99, and while A&C are still a small company, I can’t help think that your probably no worse off at Waitrose. Getting your veg from the chatty guy who makes you coffee, who personally collects the vegetables from the far feels somewhat more authentic.

Box number one was delivered with the following: Kale, Cabbage, Sprouts, Celeriac, Beetroot, Garlic, Red Onion, Leek, Carrots, Apples, Parsnips, Turnips, Potatoes, Jerusalem Artichokes and a little bunch of daffodils (nice touch).

The most exciting thing was seeing a selection of foods that aren’t necessarily my usual staples, and being presented with the challenge of making as many delicious and interesting meals as I could. Having shopped for meat etc according to what I was delivered, I made a beef and red wine stew, a beetroot and goat’s cheese risotto, hearty chicken soup, sausage, kale and flagealot casserole, pork belly with puréed celeriac, stuffed mushrooms with roasted jerusalem artichokes and a selection of veg side dishes including  chorizo sautéed cabbage, maple roasted carrots, and bacon sprouts.

It also reminded me of just how unseasonally I must usually eat during the winter, as I would only buy some of those things regularly, mixed in with the likes of pepper and baby spinach, so the educational element was a bonus too.

So, I am willing to eat my hat. Apparently getting a vegetable box doesn’t make you a twat after all. (Well, I hope not!)

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