Cheese Feast at the Deptford Deli

Last Saturday ended up being a bit Deptford-centric, with a trip to WH Wellbeloved for steak, and a cheesey, meaty lunch at the Deptford Deli on fellow SE Londoner Rachael’s enthusiastic recommendation. Following Saturday morning’s near-death experience (apparently 5 pints and no dinner is too much for me these days, eugh), a big ol’ plate of stinky cheese and cured meats was just what I needed, and Deptford Deli certainly delivered.

For £12, me and Robin chowed down on flaky slices of Keens Cheddar, Gorgonzola Naturale, an incredibly mouldy Picos Blue, pungent (in a good way) Brie de Meaux and some sweet, nutty Coolea alongside slivers of  French garlic sausage, chorizo and cured ham (I can’t remember exactly what kind…), with bread, oatcakes, butter and olives galore. I won’t bore you with some wanky description of the cheeses, it was a delicious feast, that’s all you need to know.

The selection of other cheese and meat on offer at the deli, as well as barrels of olive oil, artisan ingredients, coffee and a nice looking range of daily specials was impressive, and it would definitely be worth going down there for a snack, a mooch and a chat to the friendly guys that run it.

Word has it that they often put on small music events in their downstairs space. I can’t find anything online, but I’m sure keeping one eye on the place would shed light on any up-coming activities.

Thanks to Fur Coat, No Knickers for the pic – I was too hungry/impatient to take my own!

One Response to “Cheese Feast at the Deptford Deli”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    I really need to explore Deptford more as it’s just down the road. This place sounds like a gem.

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