Recipe: Rice & Peas

*Update* Now have a picture thanks to Fur Coat No Knickers who had a crack at this recipe at the weekend. Check out the inspired addition of pineapple (foods can only be improved with pineapple) and plantain pickle – gotta get me some of that.

I wasn’t going to bother blogging this recipe (hence the lack of picture, I’d look like a twat if I start taking pictures of my lunch at work now) because firstly, rice & peas is nothing groundbreaking, and secondly, because it is one of those classic recipes that I don’t really feel like I have the authority to touch.

BUT, as I was eating the leftovers from last night’s Caribbean feast of jerk chicken, rice & peas and carrot & coriander salad (not Caribbean, but tasty), it was so delicious, I thought I would anyway. Almost, but not quite as good as the version from Nu Spice in Brockley, and best of all, it involved very few ingredients, and was REALLY easy.

Recipe after the jump…

Ingredients – Serves 6

300g rice (I used basmati which worked alright, but American long-grain, or a good chewy brown rice would be best)

2 cloves

1 stick of cinnamon

1/2 a teaspoon of chipotle chilli powder

About a tablespoon’s worth of coconut cream (the solid stuff)

1/2 a chicken stock cube

600mls water

1 can of gunga beans

1/2 an onion – finely chopped

(hmm, I lied about only a few ingredients)


Heat a tablespoon of oil in a saucepan, and add onion, cloves and cinnamon. Fry with the lid on for 5-10 mins until onions are soft.

Add beans, chipotle and rice and stir thoroughly. Pour in water with stock and coconut cream and give a good stir.

Put a lid on the pan, bring to the boil on a high heat and then reduce heat to the lowest. Leave without removing the lid for 8-10mins until all the liquid is gone.

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