Lahori Masala – Commercial Street

When I met some old work-mates for curry the other week, I was dying to use it as an opportunity to try out Tayyabs, but due to a bad experience from one of my fellow diners, that was out of the question. Having read on Cheese and Biscuits that the worse thing going for Lahori Masala on Commercial Street was that it was not Tayyabs, I decided a trip there was a good compromise.

Despite the palatial grandeur depicted on their website, the restaurant looks much like a school canteen, but then some of the best places look a bit shit (Mien Tay being a prime example) so I wasn’t too put off by this.

I’m normally one for a Dhansak, but went for grilled lamb chops and tarka dhal on this occasion.

The dhal had a thick porridgey consistency, which pleased me a lot, as I’m not such a fan of the thinner, soupy variety. While dhal can often be a bit bland, slivers of ginger gave it an extra kick of flavour and well as lending it a light, fresh quality. Just over £5 for what is generally considered a side dish though… seemed a bit steep.

I had no complaints about the lamb chops which were pink, juicy, smoky and nicely spiced, if not slightly lacking in chilli. I do like things very spicy though, so I won’t hold that against them.

Naan managed to be both doughey and crispy, and the various other chicken and lamb curries (I forget the names – I am a bad food blogger…) that others ordered were strong in flavour and not swimming in ghee.

Ultimately, my main complaint was that despite being a BYO establishment, the bill ended up being just over £15 each, largely due to vegetable side dishes being priced similarly to meaty mains, but with food so delicious, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I felt ripped off. Would definitely return, esp if they had any offers.

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