Mien Tay – Kingsland Road

I’ve mentioned my love of Mien Tay on here before, and it certainly seems to be the people’s choice of Kingsland Road’s veritable Vietnamese offering, but I took some pictures when I was last there, so what the hey, I’m going to sing its praises once again.

The mains at Mien Tay, in particular the sliced beef salad, pho, and whole stuffed fish dishes are really good, but the smaller starter dishes are also so good, that it is worth just getting a selection of those and eating them buffet-style, which is what I did on my last visit.

If you have never eaten at this restaurant don’t be put off by its shabby décor. It doesn’t look like much, but the food is pretty spesh, and really cheap – just don’t let them fool you into sitting in the damp-smelling dining room they have recently acquired in the shop next door. What the main restaurant lacks in decoration it more than makes up for in bustling atmosphere, which can’t be said for this overspill space.

Having recently discovered the wonders of Bahn Xeo it would have been rude not to order one, filled with juicy prawns and meaty chunks of pork. The pancake has a delicious sweetness, which works wonderfully alongside the tangy chilli sauce that accompanies it. Holy basil, mint and lettuce a raw freshness to the crunch party being held inside the pancake by flash-fried beansprouts and onions and add the multi-dimensional texture and flavour that I really love about vietnamese food.

Another Mien Tay speciality is the quail, a whole marinated bird, grilled and served with a meaty flavoured salt, fresh chillies, coriander and pickles. The rich gamey flesh really holds its own against the fragrant, spicy marinade. Again, the raw chilli and the pickles give the dish a fresh, flavoursome crunch and all for only £4-something.

Salt and pepper tofu, served with shredded salad is the kind of dish that could convert even the most tofu-phobic carnivore. As the name suggests, the coating is salty, a fact that coupled with deep-frying creates chunks of smooth, silky tofu with a crunchier coating than the best triple-cooked chips.

We also had some tasty fried rice and black-bean prawns which were perfectly good but not worth harping on about here. Helped by their BYO drinks policy, the whole meal, with a bowl of prawn crackers came in at around £26, which is pretty amazing value for such great food.

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  1. Fernandez & Leluu Says:

    Alright – I am going to get my arse there very soon!

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