The Toad’s Mouth Too – Brockley

Situated just on the corner of Coulgate Street and Brockley Road, it would be easy to mistake The Toad’s Mouth Too for a simple sandwich shop. Descend the stairs at the end of the counter however, and a series of cosy dining rooms, a light conservatory, and when it’s not still winter in May, a garden, await. With mismatched vintage tables and chairs, and warm, friendly staff, the place feels relaxed and informal, and not at all generic.

All week they serve delicious lunches, mezze and at the weekend a gargantuan, delicious fry up. From Thursday to Saturday, they open in the evening and ramp their menu up a notch with a two or three course set dinner. Priced at  £15.95 for two courses or £17.95 for three, the high quality restaurant style food, which uses meat from Smithfield Market and fresh seasonal vegetables is not only outstanding quality, but really good value too. I can honestly say it is as good, if not better than food I have paid double the price for in more obviously fancy places.

Last Thursday I went for the two course menu, starting with herb and ricotta filled orange baby peppers. The peppers were juicy and soft whilst still being firm enough to make a sturdy cheese receptacle, and the filling light and flavoursome. The presentation wasn’t hardcore fancy or ‘owt, but it was nicely enough done to make it feel like effort and care had gone into the dish.

Robin’s Baba Ganoush was fluffy and lightly smoky and came with some deliciously salty olives. The picture makes it look like a pretty massive starter, but the smooth dip didn’t sit heavily, and the salad accompaniment makes it look bigger than it really was.

My duck breast main, served with a sticky orange and port glaze, fondant potatoes and asparagus wrapped in crisp parma ham was pretty special. The sizeable portion of duck (which made the £2 duck supplement seem worthwhile!) was cooked perfectly – crisp fat and juicy, tender, slightly pink meat. The potato fondant was deliciously crispy and the asparagus was fresh and al dente. Overall, I couldn’t fault it, and it definitely seemed of a standard I would expect from a really good restaurant.

The real star of the dinner was Robin’s steak, served with decadent Stilton mash, garlic sautéed green beans and a red wine jus. The thick cut steak was charred to a smoky crisp on the outside with tender scarlet flesh on the inside. The flavour of this effing beautiful piece of meat was of course outstanding.

Having stuffed ourselves with potato and meat we eschewed dessert, but I had a crumble here a while ago that I would certainly be happy to eat again.

With the bill coming in at just under £50 for two courses each and a bottle of wine, we left feeling full, happy, and like we had got more than our money’s worth.

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