Afterschool Special Supper Club

Fried chicken has gone and got itself a pretty bad reputation in the UK, its usual incarnations coming from skanky chicken shops with names that involve more than generous descriptions (Tantalising Fried Chicken anyone?) of the greasy, salty meat they sell.

With their Hackney-based supper club, Afterschool Special, Angela (a real life American) and Marlon are taking fried-chicken back to its home-cooked American roots and showing us how it should be done. The chicken is first steeped in butter-milk and various herby seasonings for 12 hours, before being coated in a light batter and double-fried to crisp perfection. The resulting juicy, tender flesh was packed with flavour and a million miles from the shit you’ll find up the high road at 3am.

The best mashed potato I have ever had was in America, and Angela and Marlon recreated it to light, creamy, buttery perfection to go with their chicken. A soy, ginger and garlic glaze also accompanied the dinner, which might not be how they do it in the Deep South, but was delicious all the same.

Keeping with the American theme, the meal started with oven-fresh biscuits (savoury scones to us Limeys), slathered with sweet ginger and honey butter and lovely Waldorf salad, followed by classic red velvet cake with the nicest cream cheese frosting I have ever tasted.

Afterschool Special is only going for another month or so as Angela will be returning to New York (jealous, me), so book while you can, you’ll never see fried chicken the same again.

Chicken image courtesy of Afterschool Special – gone and lost my camera cable, innit.

2 Responses to “Afterschool Special Supper Club”

  1. Gav Says:

    Just found your blog via Hollowlegs – it’s great!

    Have been searching for proper fried chicken for ages – seems like you struck lucky.

    We get posh burgers but where’s my posh chicken?!

    • laurafleur Says:

      ah, glad you like! I think chicken is just taking longer to recover from its fast food reputation! The Florence in Herne Hill do some good buttermilk fried chicken I believe.

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