Eat Meet Supper Club – Brockley

When I first read about the Eat Meet Supper Club on Brockley Central, I was excited to try out my latest restaurant obsession mere walking distance from my house. No falling asleep drunk in a cab from Hackney for me.

Before I’d even had a whiff of food, I was in love with Eat Meet simply on the basis of one half of the cooking duo, Julie’s house. Filled with vintage furniture, and artfully displayed kitsch prints, mixed in with quirky flea market finds and family photos, it looked exactly how I’d like my house to look, if I didn’t have Ikea cushions, tidied the bookshelves and didn’t have a shameful amount of cat-hair lurking about (TMI?). It was just a lovely place to be, and with a gorgeous sunny garden to boot, and atmosphere is a big part of the whole restaurant experience if you ask me.

With the good, strong gin cooler I was given on arrival chasing away the final remnants of an equally gin-induced hangover, I sat with my fellow diners and tucked into a starter of halloumi, green bean and watermelon salad. I wolfed into it too quickly to get a picture, but since Lizzie did the work for me, take a look at her post for that.

Salty halloumi and sweet juicy watermelon, along with the fresh crunch of green beans was like a plate of summer, and just the kind of thing you want to eat on a sun-drenched patio at dusk.

Continuing the aesthetic theme of the evening, the main course of pan-fried duck breast with cider-braised lentils, pomegranate and watercress was as lovely to look at as it was to eat. The flavour balance of the rich lentils and duck, with peppery watercress, and sweet, fruity bursts of pomegranate was perfect, and again, just what you want to chow down on in summertime.

Dessert was an Earl Grey panacotta with boozey berries and homemade poppyseed biscuits. Obv I’m going to get behind a dessert with booze in, so we were onto a winner from the start. The sharp berries and floral tang of the Earl Grey cut through the richness of the panacotta for a gorgeously creamy, fruity pudding.

But that is not all! The best dinners finish with a cheese plate, and Sophie and Julie’s selection of British cheeses, served with a tangy onion chutney and homemade spelt digestives was a great finishing touch.

Through the mmmm cheese haze, I neglected to actually remember exactly what each cheese was, but there was definitely a Somerset Camembert, a strong but not too acidic blue, a lovely hard sheep’s cheese and some quince paste involved.

At this point, my hangover hunger was finally beaten, though I did tear my way through a fair share of cheese. You can just never have too much cheese, never.

All in all, it was a lovely night, with fun people, and relaxed conversation added to by friendly hosts Sophie and Julie when they were done in the kitchen, and for just £25? Win.

I’ve always though a supper club is a great way to meet new people, so it makes sense that their next one will be for singles (straight this time, but not always), so food loving singles, get yourself down to SE4!

2 Responses to “Eat Meet Supper Club – Brockley”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    What amazing weather we had! It was lots of fun.

  2. Helen Says:

    Sad I couldn’t come along to this! Looks like you had a brilliant time. Is there anything better than eating and drinking on the evening of a sunny day with a bunch of good people? No, there is not.

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