Ryvita and Sashimi with Fernandez and Leluu

Such is my aversion to an archaic dress code and sport, that Henley Regatta is not a place I ever expected to find myself. However, when Fernandez and Leluu invited me to join them on a Regatta picnic they were organising with Ryvita, it was pretty unlikely that I’d say no.

Having sampled their wares at both their infamous Supper Club, and their evening with Supper Club Supremo, Jim Haynes, I am an utter convert to their interesting, eclectic and always plentiful cooking, so I donned my regulation-length skirt and headwear and joined The London Foodie, Meemalee’s Kitchen, Tamarind and Thyme, The Greedy Diva and Violet’s Curd (and Fernandez and Leluu, obvs), for what can only be described as the most extravagant picnic you ever did see…

Thought fresh seafood was a hot-day picnic no-go? Whatevs! A selection of sea-creatures including Donald Russell smoked salmon, fresh oysters, tuna sashimi and prawns the size of small dogs were the order of the day, much to the envy of the gawping picnicers nearby.

Tuna or salmon sashimi with triple-cooked chips, an alternative take on fish and chips, has become Simon and Uyen’s signature dish at their supper club and resulted in stroppy customers on the occasions it’s not been on the menu. Saturday’s version was delicious as ever, dressed with soy sauce, wasabi and spring onion.

I had never eaten Oysters before, and was a little squeamish about the grey globule sitting in the shell, but Rachael said I would like it and made me eat it, which I was glad of, as it’s sweet sea-water flavour was actually pretty good.

Nothing could top the beast-prawns though – look at them, they’re massive, and tasted sweet, meaty and as prawny as you’re gonna get. Never ones to cut corners, Simon and Uyen had also brought along a shit-tonne of so tender, you can eat it raw, samphire as a perfect accompaniment.

The fish all came from the Fin and Flounder in Broadway market, who if not cheap are at least good value considering their incredible commitment to freshness and ethical fishing methods. I got some amazing scallops there earlier in the year too, and would definitely recommend.

As the picnic was organised with Ryvita, there was plenty of everyone’ favourite crisp-bread on offer too. To be honest, I already quite like Ryvita, so they were preaching to the converted, but the newer sweet onion variety was an especially good receptacle for the not one but ten amazing cheese Uyen had carefully selected, while the black pepper one was delicious topped with cream cheese, rocket and that fancy smoked salmon.

And what better to wash it all down with than Laurent Perrier? Nothing, that’s what. Henley might not be somewhere I’m likely to frequent,  but for a mega-picnic on the river, with amazing food and even better company, it did provide a fine setting for a perfect summer afternoon.

6 Responses to “Ryvita and Sashimi with Fernandez and Leluu”

  1. meemalee Says:

    Lovely to meet you, Laura! Was such a fun day!

    The more I look at that sashimi, the sadder I am that I didn’t eat more of it.

  2. Fernandez & Leluu Says:

    Great post! Really great witty writing – makes us laugh so much!
    Lovely to have you as always and I am sad too for not eating enough sashimi and giving them away to those picnic-ers with crisps.


  3. Gail Haslam Says:

    This looks fab, especially the sashimi and the size-of-your-fist prawns…

  4. Su-Lin Says:

    Was great to see you again – your hat was the star of our headdresses! 😀 Fabulous shot of the prawns!

  5. A Ryvita Picnic with Fernandez and Leluu at the Henley Royal Regatta « Tamarind and Thyme Says:

    […] company was equally excellent with fellow guests The London Foodie, Meemalee’s Kitchen, Feast on Scraps, Greedy Diva and VioletsCurd of the Hatcham Supper Club and we were joined by both Fernandez and […]

  6. Helen Says:

    i REALLY wanted to come along but couldn’t. It looks absolutely amazing. Well done to F & L for organising such a brilliant day.

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