Jerking Off

The annual Jerk Cook Out took place in Herne Hill’s Brockwell Park this weekend, so as a jerk enthusiast, I was there like a moth to a flame.

The park was filled with a fragrant waft of smoke from the multitude of jerkers who had come to compete for the title of Jerk Cookout Chef 2010.

For the last two years, Tasty Jerk have taken the covetable cooking accolade, and the gargantuan queue that snaked around their stall was testament to their superior-flavoured meats.

As well as more usual chicken and pork, Tasty Jerk had marinated a whole lamb to be spit-roasted and lure in the gawping jerk-lovers. I didn’t end up trying any, but I hear it was pretty special.

I did however get my hands on their jerk belly pork, flavoured with the heady, herby marinade and encrusted with perfectly crunchy crackling. It was served with the most powerful pepper sauce I have ever tasted. It was amazing.

Fat chunks of fried plantain, juicy corn on the cob, the brilliantly named, festival, and of course, rice and peas were also in abundance to accompany the delicious jerk.

And what better to wash it down with than a cool can of Red Stripe…

Or how about fresh coconut water? Personally I wanted to empty my beer into the coconut, for a boozy, tropical beverage. I refrained.

In addition to the amazing food, the event had a great atmosphere, and was attended by everyone from hipsters to families (and even Floella Benjamin and Patrick Truman – I don’t know his IRL name, and I don’t want to) and provided yet another reason to love Sarf London. I’ll be back for the jerk and the funtimes, same time next year.

One Response to “Jerking Off”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    I’m a bit gutted I didn’t stay for longer, but when you’re on a budget, with a raging hangover and you’ve already tried the best jerk there, the pub seems the only way forward… Great post, and I look forward to all the pervs typing in ‘jerking off’ to get here!

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