Fennel and lemon stuffing

And the award for shittest food picture of the year goes to… just be glad I cropped out the greasy gizzardy detail.

Anyway… the fennel that came in my vegetable box last week was still sporting the herby plume of leaves that supermarkets for some reason, go and cut off, and I thought, what better use for it than a stuffing?

It would have been nice rammed as it was into the belly of a fish, but instead, I decided to blend it up with some breadcrumbs, garlic and lemon and make it into a proper stuffing. I used it under the skin of a chicken, which lent the meat a deliciously herby, citrussy flavour, but I also think it would be especially good rolled into the center of a boneless leg of pork. You could also bake it in a terrine if stuffing it into the meat doesn’t float your boat, though it could be worth adding chopped bacon in that case to retain a meaty flavour.

I’d never made a stuffing before this one, shamelessly rehydrating a box of Paxo when I’ve fancied it in the past, but I was really struck by how simple and easy making it from scratch was, so I reckon you may as well always make it properly, as it didn’t really take any more time. Recipe after the jump…

Ingredients (stuffs a chicken generously)

Leafy plume from one bulb of fennel, the chunkier bits of stalk removed.

2 cloves of garlic

Juice and zest of half a lemon

1 egg

1 small knob of butter

Two slices of white bread




Throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend to a paste.

If you are blenderless, finely chop everything, crumble the bread and fold all together with a beaten egg.

season well.

Stuff into your chosen meat/tin-based receptacle. (For a chicken, lift the skin at the neck end, wiglle hand under it to creat a space, and stuff in stuffing to cover the breast. For a pork leg/shoulder joint, flatten out, spread on stuffing evenly, then re-roll and tie).

Roast meat as usual, or bake in a terrine at 200c for 30 mins.

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