#Meateasy, New Cross

Until the middle of March, the infamous Meatwagon has set up shop in the upstairs part of The Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross, serving up their legendary burgers alongside, for the first time, fries, mac n’ cheese and some of the crispiest, juciest onion rings I have had the pleasure to taste.

As well as allowing the Meatwagon to raise money to buy a new wagon, after the original was stolen before Christmas, the venture gives us a glimpse of what the lager-drenched, strip-lit Goldsmiths Tavern will be like when it opens as the re-vamped New Cross House, this Spring, having been acquired by the same team behind the nearby Victoria Inn and The Actress.

Much has been said (and photographed more expertly) about the delicious food the Meateasy has on offer, so I will say no more than it more than lived up to the incredible hype surrounding it. Aside from the food, what really struck me about my visit on Friday was how refreshing it was to find somewhere in New Cross with good, local beer (Meantime), expertly made cocktails, good music, and most of all, a relaxed, but bustling Friday-night atmosphere.

Of course, both The Royal Albert and The Amersham Arms have held similar appeal in the area for a while, and are both places I will continue to frequent, but you know, it’s nice to have variety, and if the Meateasy is anything to go by, The New Cross House can’t open soon enough.

The Meateasy will be upstairs at The Goldsmiths Tavern, 316, New Cross Rd, London, SE14 6AF until mid-March.

3 Responses to “#Meateasy, New Cross”

  1. Gav Says:

    I reckon those pics look pretty good – Hipstamatic?

    Do you have to book for Meateasy? I might have to venture into the wilds of New Cross as everyone seems to be in agreement that it’s amazing.

    • laurafleur Says:

      Hipstamatic – always.

      You can’t book for the Meateasy, but I got there around 7 on Friday and didn’t wait any more than half an hour for food. Definitely worth the trip to New Cross, and you never know, you may just be won over by the charms of SE14!

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