Cauliflower cheese and broccoli soup

I’ve just moved house and no longer have a microwave so was today forced to properly cook something with some roast dinner leftovers. I know, practically medieval.

Having already made stock from the chicken carcass, soup made sense, and with the cheesy béchamel of some cauliflower ready to create an instantly creamy texture it seemed likely that this was going to be an easy way to a really good dinner.

I threw some broccoli in for shits, and because it goes nicely with cheese. The finished result was indeed delicious, and I think using the previously baked cauliflower made it extra rich.

Ingredients – roughly serves 1

1 portion of leftover cauliflower cheese
Enough stock (preferably fresh) to cover veg in pan
A couple of florets of broccoli


Bring all ingredients to the boil in a saucepan and simmer for 5-10 mins to soften broccoli.

Blend, season, serve

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