El Xampanyet tapas bar – Barcelona

The best tapas is Barcelona is not the easiest thing to find. I always want to find somewhere that the locals would go to, and isn’t too tourist-ridden, but those places are often the most hidden and unassuming, and thus impossible to find.

Thanks to the good old internets though, I found El Xampanyet, nestled in the Barceloneta area and it was a treat. Obviously I can’t claim to be enough of a connoisseur to call it the best in the city, but if you’re after something a bit more authentic than ketchupy Patatas Bravas, you could certainly do worse.

The bar itself is pretty small, with a lot of tiny tables, and hungry people squashed together enjoying anchovies, meats and Catalan favourite, pan con tomate with a cool beer or Cava.

There was no menu when we went. You just sit down and let them bring you a surprise selection of dishes until you can take tapas no more. As well as delicious oily fishes with juicy sun-dried tomatoes, we had four or five different cured meats and chorizo, a cold roe based dish, pickled-pepper and sour-cream topped potatoes, dense tortilla and to finish, nutty biscotti and pastries dipped in sweet, sticky Catalan cider.

Apols for lack of food pics, was too busy scoffing to manage to take many, so instead enjoy these of the bar itself, and trust me that it was the shit.

Bill was about 76 euros for four, with a good few Cava top ups and a couple of beers.


Montcada, 22
08003 Barcelona, Spain
933 197 003

One Response to “El Xampanyet tapas bar – Barcelona”

  1. LaRue Says:

    I like the surprise element!

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