Crayfish Bob at the Two Degrees festival

American crayfish are taking over the Thames. Fact. But, good old Crayfish Bob is putting a stop to it, and catching the bastards before they can wipe out the native white-claw crayfish entirely.

And what better way to wipe them out than to eat them? This week, at East London’s Two Degrees festival, Crayfish Bob is serving up the juicy creatures, caught from the Thames, with a locally grown salad and a glass of Rose made in Tooting, all for just a fiver.

Side note on the salad: Hogweed in salad = delicious, who knew?

Bob’s crayfish dinners at Two Degrees are sadly (especially for the crayfish!) sold out for the rest of the week, but that man’s got a job to do, and I trust in him to keep cooking up those snappy bad-boys until he’s killed them all dead, so keep an eye on his (pretty amazing) website for more dates. PS: I heard a rumour he’ll be at Glastonbury.

Bob – Killing them crayfish for the good of the Thames. Bob photo by Toby Smith – probably not on his iphone.


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