Honey, oat and quinoa granola

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So I make my own granola now, yeah? Scoff all you want (I also live on the Dulwich-really side of Peckham and intend to eat said granola with trendy almond milk – put that in yer pipe and smoke it), but it’s actually for pretty boring, practical reasons. Like a wolf in organically bred sheep’s clothing, granola is one of those foods that purports to be healthy but is generally as sugary as a bowl of Ricicles – many a time have I turned up late for work after scrutinising every box of nice looking cereal in Whole Foods, only to discover that the second ingredient is invariably fructose, or glucose syrup. That’s just sugar by a fancier name, bros! I don’t like eggs or milk, and I’m weird about yoghurt in non savoury dishes, so I’ve generally ended up slinking back to my desk with a bowl of sugar-free muesli and rice milk in some attempt at filling myself up with something healthy, and man that’s a joyless bowl of food – it’s like hipster gruel with currants in.

MY BREAKFAST STRUGGLE – you still with me?

I did find that Dorset honey granola is sweetened with only honey and not that much of it, but who wants to spend £4 a week on granola? So, make your own. It’s cheap – yeah, you’ll have to buy a few bags of nuts and dried fruit and honey and shit, but it’s mainly made from cheapo oats, and a worthy initial investment for something that’s actually very low cost per portion, and those are all things worth having in the cupboard anyway. It’s essentially just throwing things together so you can make it in less than half an hour, and best of all, you can control the ingredients and genuinely know that you’re left with something that is definitely only nuts, seeds, honey and oats. Yeah, yeah, I know honey is also sugar, but good (better?) sugar, yeah, and you don’t need that much of it.

It was (obv) Gwyneth’s recipe for quinoa granola that made me think I should just make my own, but WHOA are quinoa flakes – sort of a gluten free equivalent of rolled oats – expensive, and my mate Harriet said I could just use regular, sort-of-not-as-pricey, and way more multi-use, quinoa instead. Plus, I’ve no beef with gluten myself, so I’ve used good old oats too.

You just need to do the baked oat bit, and then you can throw whatever the eff else you want in it (try peanut M&Ms, treat yourself!) so I’ll give my recipe below, but adapt as you so fancy.

Ingredients (makes a week’s worth)

200g rolled oats

100g uncooked quinoa – the regular beige kind

50g of ground goji berry and flaxseed mix (I just happened to have this, and found it helped form nice clumps, but not essench, so leave out if you want)

75mls runny honey

75mls good oil – extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, coconut oil – something like that.

1 handful of dried coconut shavings

1 handful of raw almonds, chopped

4-5 pitted dates, chopped

1 handful of pumpkin seeds or mixed seeds


Whisk together the honey and oil in a small bowl.

Add the oats, quinoa and ground flaxseed, if using, to a mixing bowl and pour over the honey mix. Combine thoroughly to get a well coated sticky mix.

Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 160C for 20 mins, stirring occasionally. Watch it, because it burns like a bastard. It’ll still be soft after 20mins in the oven, but it will crisp up as it cools, so don’t be tempted to give it longer.

Once cool (after 15mins or so), combine well with the rest of the ingredients in a big bowl.

Shove it in a airtight tupperware, so some kind of attractive jar, if you’re that way inclined, and enjoy for up to a couple of weeks.


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