Rainy day chicken and spring vegetable stew.

Braised chicken, broth, herbs and green veg for a grey, damp British spring Monday. 

Ingredients (serves about four, or one all week). 

4 bits of on-the-bone chicken. Couple of drumsticks, couple of thighs are good. Skin off.

2 big carrots or 4-5 little skinny ones, chopped chunkily.

1 leek, sliced.

1 courgette, chopped into small cubes.

A few handfuls of leafy greens – spinach, kale, a darker lettuce, whatever.

A few stalks of lemon thyme, leaves pulled off.

A small handful of tarragon, finely chopped.

1 bay leaf.

1 litre chicken stock (cube fine as you’re braising meat anyway.)

Splash of white wine.

Salt/pepper/olive oil.

Creme fraiche, bit of cooked pasta or rice to serve (optional).

EXTRA OPTION: two handfuls of brown rice or bulgar wheat to add to stew while cooking.


Heat olive oil in a deep casserole dish. Remove skin from chicken and season. Lightly brown. (Keep the lid on to stop it spitting, turn every couple of mins to stop it sticking). 10 mins.

Remove chicken from pan and set aside.

To still hot oil, add leeks, courgette and carrot. Lightly saute on medium heat for 5mins.

Add thyme, bay leaf and tarrogon, saute for five more mins.

Add wine. Simmer for 5mins.

Return chicken to pot along with any collected juices and add stock. Add grains at this stage if using.

Simmer on medium with the lid off for 30-35mins.

Chop up greens and add to pan. Cover and simmer gently for 5-10mins to wilt.

Fish chicken pieces out of pan and remove meat from bone. Chop and stir back into stew.

Serve topped with a dollop of creme fraiche, on its own or ladled over a little bit of cooked pasta or rice (if not adding grains earlier).

It should be quite brothy, but if you prefer it thicker, add a spoon of cornflour (or instant chicken gravy powder, whatever) at the end.







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